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Elevate your beauty with our advanced treatments for timeless results

At our studio, we're dedicated to helping you unlock your radiant potential through a curated selection of cutting-edge treatments. With a focus on enhancing your natural beauty and rejuvenating your skin, we proudly offer Fibroblast Plasma, Microneedling, and Hyaluronic Lips services. 

Whether you're seeking to revitalize your complexion, sculpt your features, or enhance your lips with a touch of youthful plumpness, our skilled technicians are here to guide you on your journey to radiant confidence. Experience the power of advanced aesthetics and discover a new level of beauty with us.



Experience the transformative effects of our Fibroblast Plasma treatment. Using innovative plasma technology, we reduce excess skin volume in targeted areas, delivering immediate results with minimal downtime for a rejuvenated appearance.


Plasma Fibroblast

✓ Non-invasive 

✓ No injectable anesthetic required 

✓ No cutting of the skin and use of scalpel 

✓ No stitches 

✓ Very low risk procedure 

✓ Minimal side effects and far less downtime compared to surgery 

✓ No thinning of the skin 

✓ Significant cost saving 

✓ Quick and easy procedure 

✓ Firms and lifts aging skin 

✓ Revives and rejuvenates skin 

✓ Increases fibroblast cells, collagen and elastin production 

✓ Results last approximately 1+ years


Experience the remarkable Fibroblast Plasma Pen treatment, a cutting-edge cosmetic procedure harnessing the power of plasma to reduce excess skin volume in both females and males. Unlike traditional methods, it targets excess skin without removing fat, offering a low-risk, minimally invasive alternative to surgery.


Renowned for its effectiveness, this treatment is celebrated for its success in non-surgical eye lifts, tummy tightening, neck tightening, and beyond, providing remarkable results with minimal downtime and at a more affordable cost compared to surgical options.


Experience immediate results with our Fibroblast Plasma Pen treatment! While visible improvements can often be seen after just one session, individual results may vary depending on factors such as skin condition, age, and elasticity.


Younger clients with higher cell production may require fewer sessions to achieve desired outcomes, while older clients may benefit from multiple treatments to stimulate increased cell production and enhance results.


We recommend a standard of 4-5 treatments for optimal results, with follow-up sessions scheduled 8-12 weeks apart. Results typically last 1-2 years, although this can vary based on individual skin aging, collagen levels, and wrinkle depth.


It's important to note that daily facial expressions can contribute to the recurrence of lines, as muscle movement can affect skin integrity over time.

  • Plasma Fibroblast Aftercare Instructions
    Water should not touch the area for 2-3 days. At the end of the third day, the area should be washed gently with warm soapy water, patted dry, and covered with serum. Aftercare serum should be applied until the crusts fall off (morning and evening). The scabs should not be picked by hand, should not be rubbed, or scratched. Oily and moisturizing products should not be used until the crusts fall off. In 5-10 days, crusts and dandruff will fall off. Repairing-moisturizing creams can be used after the crusts fall off, but it is necessary to use sunscreens for a few more months (it is more useful to cover with BB cream). The recovery time varies according to the damage level of the procedure, but it is 15-20 days, but full recovery may take several months. After the procedure, it is necessary to protect from the sun until the redness and spots are completely gone. Session intervals depend on the healing process of the skin.
The next session is not done until the stains are completely gone from the area. If any other skin care treatment needs to be done after the procedure, this should be after a minimum of 21 days. There should be a minimum of 15-20 days between dermal procedures such as Filler, Botox, and Fusion Plasma application.

Enter the realm of skin renewal with our Microneedling treatment. Harnessing the power of tiny needles to stimulate the skin's natural healing process, Microneedling rejuvenates and revitalizes your complexion from within. Whether you're seeking to minimize fine lines, reduce acne scars, or improve overall skin texture, our expert technicians are here to guide you on your journey to radiant, youthful skin. Experience the transformative benefits of Microneedling and uncover a smoother, more radiant complexion with us.

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Using advanced technology and tiny needles, this non-invasive procedure stimulates the skin's natural healing process, promoting collagen production and enhancing overall texture and tone. Whether you're looking to diminish fine lines, acne scars, or uneven skin tone, Microneedling offers transformative results with minimal downtime


Plump, luscious lips are just a treatment away with our Hyaluronic Lips service. Say goodbye to thin or asymmetrical lips and hello to a fuller, more defined pout. Using premium hyaluronic acid fillers, our skilled technicians artfully enhance and shape your lips to achieve the perfect balance of volume and natural beauty. Whether you desire subtle augmentation or a more dramatic transformation, our Hyaluronic Lips treatment delivers stunning results tailored to your individual preferences. Embrace your most kissable lips yet and elevate your smile with us.




Our expert technicians use premium hyaluronic acid fillers to enhance and shape your lips, delivering natural-looking volume and definition. Whether you're seeking subtle augmentation or a more dramatic transformation, our personalized approach ensures that your lips are tailored to your unique facial features and preferences. Say goodbye to thin lips and hello to a fuller, more kissable smile.

Hyaluronic Lips
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