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Unlock the secret to stunning,
maintenance-free brows!

Elevate your natural allure with our exquisite range of permanent eyebrow solutions, tailored to accentuate your unique features flawlessly.

At LashCara Perma, we specialize in 3 premium techniques to enhance your brows: Powder Brows, Nano (Microblading), and Combo. Each method is meticulously crafted to provide you with long-lasting, stunning results that perfectly compliment your individual style and facial structure.

Led by our team of experienced and passionate artists, we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled craftsmanship and personalized care to every client. Whether you're seeking a subtle enhancement or bold transformation, our expert technicians will work closely with you to achieve your dream brows with precision and finesse.

Indulge in the luxury of permanent eyebrows at LashCara Perma. Book your appointments today!



Immerse yourself in the artistry of Powder Brows at LashCara Perma, where precision meets perfection for lasting allure. Our specialized shading method delivers natural-looking brows with enhanced depth and dimension, ideal for all skin types.


Whether you seek subtle enhancement or bold definition, our skilled artists customize each application to suit your unique style, ensuring every stroke is a testament to your individual beauty. Indulge in the luxury of Powder Brows, where effortless beauty meets timeless confidence.

For our Ombré Powder Brows Effect, we use a SHADING technique that applies points of color to create a misty, powder filled brow similar to makeup effect.

Initial Treatment:

• Master Therapist - Amy Pham $700

• Brow Artist - $500

Perfecting Session within 2 months of the initial treatment is included.

Powder Brows


Discover the magic of Nanostrokes (Microblading) where every stroke is a masterpiece. Using delicate, ultra-fine needles and premium pigments, our skilled technicians artfully create the illusion of natural brow hairs with unparalleled precision.


This semi-permanent technique is perfect for those seeking fuller, more defined brows that withstand the test of time. Our Nanostrokes technique delivers flawless results tailored to your unique features, enhancing your beauty with every stroke. 

For our Microblading/Nano Brow treatment, we use a manual method of semi-permanent makeup for the eyebrows which creates extremely fine natural looking hair strokes, to enhance the perfectly natural looking, thick, full brows.

Initial Treatment:

• Master Therapist - Amy Pham $700

• Brow Artist - $500

Perfecting Session within 2 months of the initial treatment is included.

Nano Brows


Experience the best of both worlds with Combo Brows at LashCara Perma, where precision meets versatility for stunning results. This innovative technique combines the soft, powdered effect of shading with the delicate detailing of Nanostrokes (Microblading), creating brows that are beautifully defined and effortlessly natural.


Our skilled technicians expertly blend the two methods to tailor your brows to perfection, achieving a flawless finish that enhances your unique features.


Whether you prefer a subtle enhancement or a more dramatic look, Combo Brows offer long-lasting, low-maintenance beauty that elevates your confidence with every glance.

For our fusion (combo) treatment, we use a combination of two techniques, NANOBLADING and soft SHADING for the brows to be more defined and full with additional 3D dimensions.

Initial Treatment:

• Master Therapist - Amy Pham $850

• Brow Artist - $600

Perfecting Session within 2 months of the initial treatment is included.

Combo Brows

Say goodbye to the hassle of daily makeup routines,
and hello to effortless elegance that lasts!

Our team of skilled artists are dedicated to enhancing your natural features with precision and artistry, offering a range of permanent makeup solutions tailored to your unique style and preferences.

Whether you're looking to define your brows, enhance your eyes with eyeliner, or achieve luscious lips that stay flawless around the clock, we have the expertise and tools to bring your vision to life.

With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to safety and quality, we ensure that each procedure is performed with the utmost care and professionalism.

Step into our studio and experience the transformative power of permanent makeup. Discover a new level of confidence and convenience as you wake up every day looking and feeling your absolute best. 

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